J. DeLa Cruz Costumer


B straight is the only product that cuts blow drying in half

Smooths fly aways

Leaves no residue

Doesn't build up

And is overall the best multi use product


L. Adeyinka


"I love B Straight! Living in Houston where humidity is high, this product is a necessity! It is humidity resistant, glossy, and light! I have recommended this product to all of my family and friends!


 F. Hammid


i can tell you about B Straight in less than 30sec,It exist in a hair galaxy all on it's own, i mean it keeps my hair bouncy, shiny without weighing it down. It protects it from humidity. I was introduced to it in a very humid climate, it kept my hair from falling. It is versatile, you can use it with heat or protective styles

and you really only need a little bit!

You need this! 


D.Spiller   Entrepreneur

This product has changed the way I style my natural hair.  It cuts down blow drying time. It helps smooth the hair, makes it shiny, bouncy and moisturized.  It's not oily and smells great.



Beauty Enterpreneur

I am in love with B Straight!It makes my hair silky and shiny without an oily fee!. My hair styles last for days without an oily look! Not only does it give my hair a beautiful straighrt look, because it is not an oil or a serum. I can curl my hair too! I recommend this product to anyone who cares about their hair.