Charlene Spiller grew increasingly frustrated with the underperforming products on the market today. Realizing the needs of the clients were not being met, Charlene found herself constantly having to mix and alter existing products. This inspired her to develop "B Straight!". Celebrity hairstylist, Charlene Spiller, introduces "B Straight!" to the masses after years of research, design, and careful attention to detail. "B Straight!" is a cuticle sealant designed to take the humidity! 


Obedience is a total lifestyle that empowers women to make their unruly hair obey.  Women of all ethnicities are constantly told that they have to chemically alter their hair to achieve a certain look which is simply not true. 


This product is designed to be a versatile alternative to everything women have been told or taught in the past. "B Straight!"  allows women to go from curly to straight to everything in between without harsh chemicals or permanently altering their hair.